College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Contact Information:
Patrick Gallagher
Interim Director of Major Giving

Students choose the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for its academic rigor and global perspective. During their time here students acquire high-value skills that lead to meaningful success. From endowed faculty positions to experiential learning opportunities, campaign support enables the College to deliver exciting and enriching lessons that prepare students to lead purposeful lives in a challenged and changing world.

Recent Campaign Highlights

  • $2.5 million anonymous gift to establish Endowed Chair in History.
  • Over $2.5 million in support for student initiatives, including scholarships, research positions, internships, service-learning and more.
  • Over $500,000 in annual support for the Dean’s Fund for Strategic Initiatives.
  • Over $3 million in faculty support.
  • Nearly $600,000 in contributions from Villanova parents to support the Department of Communication Studio, which opened in October 2014.



Few investments are as powerful as the ones made in support of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty. These outstanding teacher-scholars offer subject-matter expertise, focus, guidance, opportunities for mentored undergraduate research, and more. Endowed faculty positions, therefore, are essential in securing and retaining this pivotal academic leadership.


The CLAS Dean’s Fund for Strategic Initiatives provides the financial resources to fund high-impact programs and the flexibility to act quickly on key opportunities for students and faculty. The Dean’s Fund has provided seed funding to launch new academic centers of excellence, assisted with the installation of the virtual reality CAVE and supported the formation of a unique partnership with the Abbey Theatre in Ireland that is now a centerpiece of Irish Studies.


From science laboratories to the communication studio, technology plays a critical role in the CLAS student experience. Resources are needed to support maintenance and upgrades, including new laboratory and media production equipment.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to a number of research centers dedicated to the pursuit of academic knowledge. These hubs combine theory, practice and research; add depth to the curriculum; and deliver opportunities for interdisciplinary work within the College and across the University. From the Center for Irish Studies to the Center for Energy and Environmental Education, these specialties enable faculty to further academic innovation and contribute to the global discourse on a variety of topics.


The first doctoral program of its kind to focus on faith and culture through an Augustinian lens, Villanova’s Theology PhD prepares graduates to have a profound impact as college and university professors, leaders and practitioners of ministry, interdisciplinary researchers and innovative theologians. Building upon Villanova’s successful master’s program in Theology, this new doctoral program is a special point of distinction and pride that celebrates the University’s founding values.


Experiential learning opportunities educate students beyond the classroom and provide real-world applications to complement academic principles. From study abroad to internships, undergraduate research to professional development and service learning, such experiences have an immeasurable value, teaching CLAS students to become critical thinkers and adaptive problem solvers with highvalue skills and a global perspective.